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BACKGROUND & AIMS Disturbances in thyroid function in humans and experimental animal models have been associated with alterations in liver function and portal circulation. We have previously shown that hypothyroidism can significantly reduce portal pressure in portal vein ligated rats as well as inhibit the development of cirrhosis and fulminant hepatic(More)
The authors report their findings in a series of 51 patients suffering from typical cervical radiculopathy. With the aid of the CT scanner and intravenous injection of a contrast medium, the quality and resolution of the resulting images allowed neurosurgical intervention in 42 patients in whom the symptomatology alone was not sufficiently informative to(More)
Thirty two patients with confirmed Crohn's disease were examined from october 1983 to may 1985 by ultrasound (42 examinations) and by Conventional Contrast Radiology (Barium Contrast Studies). The well-know "target" pattern is the most frequent feature (88%) which is characteristic of the thickening bowel wall. The thickening is more important for the small(More)
During seven years, 212 small bowel examinations are made on patients with suspected small bowel obstruction by barium infusion. We find all the main small bowel pathology: Crohn's disease (16.5%), carcinomatosis (14.6%), neoplasia (10.3%), vascular disease (17.8%), actinic enteritis (9.5%) and miscellanous (18%). The small bowel infusion is normal in 15%.(More)
AIM To compare short and long-term results of pediatric liver transplantation (LT), utilizing segmental grafts from living donors (LD) vs. cadaveric (CAD) reduced size or split grafts. METHODS A retrospective analysis of a single center experience (1993-2000), comparing the surgical outcome, the graft function and the survival rates between these groups.(More)