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OBJECTIVE To calculate inter- and intraobserver reliabilities for three-dimensional endometrial volume measurements during in vitro fertilization using virtual organ computer-aided analysis (VOCAL). PATIENTS AND METHODS Three-dimensional ultrasound measurements of the endometrium using VOCAL software were performed on the day of oocyte retrieval in each(More)
Progesterone has been tested in vitro with human spermatozoa to verify its physiological effects and its possible therapeutic use in cases of male infertility. Progesterone induced a rapid, dose-dependent influx of calcium in capacitated and non-capacitated spermatozoa with a half-maximally effective dose of 30 nM. The agonist, 19-nortestosterone, was much(More)
In mammalians, demethylation of specific promoter regions often correlates with gene activation; inversely, dense methylation of CpG islands leads to gene silencing, probably mediated by methyl-CpG binding proteins. In cell lines and cancers, inhibition of tissue-specific genes and tumor suppressor genes expression seems to be related to such(More)
In the last few years, many tests were developed to study the fertilizing properties of the spermatozoa. However none of them was useful to obtain a prognostic factor. Indeed, the integrity of the spermatic DNA is also necessary to a successful fertilization for obtaining a pregnancy. DNA integrity could be evaluated by the measurement of the level of DNA(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether the calcium blocker nifedipine alters Doppler velocimetry and impedance parameters in the uterine artery in prematurely menopausal women. METHODS Uterine artery Doppler examinations were performed transvaginally in seventeen prematurely menopausal women without the use of calcium blocker (T0). Following a 10-mg sublingual(More)
OBJECTIVES to study different parameters of humoral immunity responses in the serum of 39 human immunodeficiency virus type-1 infected pregnant women from Kigali, (Rwanda) in correlation with perinatal transmission. METHODS this study was done between 1988 and 1994. Thirty nine HIV-1 infected women, 18 transmitting (T) and 21 non-transmitting (NT)(More)
INTRODUCTION The laparoscopic Davydov is described. The data concerning the surgery and the postoperative course are reported at the same time as the data concerning the anatomical and sexological results. PATIENTS AND METHODS The surgery includes three steps: (i) cleavage under laparoscopic guidance, (ii) peritoneovestibular stitch by perineal approach,(More)
Several assays are available for testing nuclear quality of spermatozoa, many of them allowing to define a DNA fragmentation index (DFI). Numerous recent studies on this subject agree on several points: negative correlations are observed between DFI and sperm characteristics. Concerning the relationships between DFI and artificial reproductive technologies,(More)
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