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Modular adders are fundamental arithmetic components that are employed in residue number system (RNS) based digital signal processing (DSP) systems. They are widely used in modular multipliers, residue to binary converters and in implementing other arithmetic operations such as scaling. In addition, increasing operating frequencies, as well as a growing(More)
This paper proposes a new architecture for an arithmetic unit (AU) for applications that operate over GF(2/sup m/), in particular elliptic curve cryptography. The AU is completely scalable enabling it to operate over any field degree without the need to reconfigure hardware. Operands are considered as a series of w-bit words, where w can be set to meet(More)
In many building blocks of microprocessors and digital signal processing chips, adders are frequently available in their critical paths. Adders can also be used for subtraction, multiplication and division. One of the important basic arithmetic operations is addition. There are several structures like Ripple Carry Adder (RCA), Carry Look Ahead Adder (CLA)(More)
The present work aims to achieve a strategy to control and optimize the solar pumping system. Our objective is the modeling and simulation of the photovoltaic performance pumping systems operating thanks to sunlight, and based on an induction motor, which drives a centrifugal pump that draws water from a well to a reservoir. The optimization of our system(More)
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