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This paper analyses the effects of Single Event Upsets in an SRAM-based FPGA, with special emphasis for the transient faults affecting the configuration memory. Two approaches are combined: from one side, by exploiting the available information and tools dealing with the device configuration memory, we were able to make hypothesis on the meaning of every(More)
The Data Acquisition (DAQ) of the CMS Experiment [1] is composed by O(10000) network objects spread in O(1000) nodes, most of them based on commodity PCs, connected to a very efficient Local Area Network. The DAQ complex (both hardware and software) must be controlled in order to synchronize all the objects to perform in the proper sequence the needed(More)
Okadaic acid, penetrating the human erythrocytes, almost completely inhibits P-Ser-protein phosphatase activity, whereas it unaffects Ser/Thr-protein kinase activity (casein kinases CKI and CKII), thus promoting a marked increase of the endogenous Ser-phosphorylation level of membrane proteins, such as cytoskeletal spectrin beta-subunit (band 2) and(More)
We have investigated the effects produced by exposing a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based on static RAM to an Ion Beam. Tested devices have been taken from FLEX10K family manufactured by Altera Corporation. These parts are commercial graded and not qualified for application in radioactive environments. A design based on mixed plain and(More)
Shape parameters of a weakly deformed ground-state band and highly deformed slightly triaxial sideband in ^{42}Ca were determined from E2 matrix elements measured in the first low-energy Coulomb excitation experiment performed with AGATA. The picture of two coexisting structures is well reproduced by new state-of-the-art large-scale shell model and(More)
The properties of pygmy dipole states in 208Pb were investigated using the 208Pb(17O, 17O'γ) reaction at 340 MeV and measuring the γ decay with high resolution with the AGATA demonstrator array. Cross sections and angular distributions of the emitted γ rays and of the scattered particles were measured. The results are compared with (γ, γ') and (p, p') data.(More)
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