M Belen Tornesi

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This report provides a progress update of a consortium effort to develop a harmonized zebrafish developmental toxicity assay. Twenty non-proprietary compounds (10 animal teratogens and 10 animal non-teratogens) were evaluated blinded in 4 laboratories. Zebrafish embryos from pond-derived and cultivated strain wild types were exposed to the test compounds(More)
The regulation of estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR) genes is critical to estrogen and progesterone responsiveness of the uterus during the estrous cycle. A low dose of estradiol, given to ovariectomized ewes to mimic the preovulatory estrogen surge, acutely enhanced ER and PR gene expression in most uterine cells. Estradiol effects were(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding species differences in placental transfer of Fc-containing biopharmaceuticals (particularly monoclonal antibodies) will improve human risk extrapolation from nonclinical embryo-fetal development toxicity data. METHODS Maternal and fetal concentration data from 10, 15, 8, and 34 Fc-containing biopharmaceuticals in the rabbit, rat,(More)
The replacement of biological products in media for the collection, culture and freezing of mammalian embryos was studied. To test the hypothesis that chemically defined surfactants can replace bovine serum albumin (BSA) or serum in embryo media, morula-stage mouse and cattle embryos were collected, cultured, and/or frozen in the surfactant compound, VF5.(More)
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