M. Begona Torres

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A reversed phase liquid chromatography-DAD method is proposed for analysis of major non-flavonoid phenolic compounds in wines. The method employed a mixture of acetic acid, water and methanol as eluents and was used to evaluate the impact of malolactic fermentation in low molecular phenolic compounds. The wines analyzed underwent different treatments, like(More)
Preparation of (S)-1-chloro-2-octanol and (S)-1-bromo-2-octanol was carried out by the enzymatic hydrolysis of halohydrin palmitates using biocatalysts. Halohydrin palmitates were prepared by various methods from palmitic acid and 1,2-octanediol. A tandem hydrolysis was carried out using lipases from Candida antarctica (Novozym 435), Rhizomucor miehei(More)
Methanogens are implicated in the production of methane that accumulates in marine sediments. However, the factors that control the distribution of the microbial communities that influence the presence of methane in these sediments are not well understood. Our objective is to determine the quantity, diversity, and distribution of microbial communities in(More)
The use of iodine as a catalyst and either acetic or trifluoroacetic acid as a derivatizing reagent for determining the enantiomeric composition of acyclic and cyclic aliphatic chiral alcohols was investigated. Optimal conditions were selected according to the molar ratio of alcohol to acid, the reaction time, and the reaction temperature. Afterwards,(More)
The quantum oscillations of nonlinear magnetoresistance in graphene that occur in response to a dc current bias are investigated. We present a theoretical model for the nonlinear magnetotransport of graphene carriers. The model is based on the exact solution of the effective Dirac equation in crossed electric and magnetic fields, while the effects of(More)
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