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The pure tetrameric form of Acetylcholinesterase (EC- from the electric eel electrophorus electricus has been covalently coupled to oxytocin. This conjugate has been used as tracer in a heterologous competitive immunoassay. Microtiter plates coated with a mouse monoclonal anti-rabbit immunoglobulin antibody were used to separate bound and free(More)
The effect of age on the enzyme potentialities of abomasum (chymosin and pepsin) and pancreas (chymotrypsin, trypsin, lipase, colipase and amylase) was studied in the preruminant calf. Three foetuses were collected after slaughter of their dams (260 d of gestation) and 32 calves were maintained as preruminant and slaughtered between birth and 147 d of age.(More)
This experiment was conducted in 59 Lacaune breed ewes in order to compare milk production and milk distribution between alveolar and cisternal storage after superovulation. After a corpora lutea (CL)-free control period, the ewes were superovulated by different treatments (experimental period) and 5 classes were differentiated according to the number of(More)
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