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Individuals with haemophilia who received non heat-treated factor concentrates were likely to undergo multiple exposures to the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Therefore, HCV mixed-genotype infections might be more frequent in these patients than in the general population. Their prevalence is extremely variable in similar groups of patients tested by different(More)
The stress protein p8 is a small, highly basic, unfolded, and multifunctional protein. We have previously shown that most of its functions are exerted through interactions with other proteins, whose activities are thereby enhanced or repressed. In this work we describe another example of such mechanism, by which p8 binds and negatively regulates MSL1, a(More)
Survival of lymphocytes after prolonged culture was studied in two asymptomatic XLP patients. Viability of XLP PBMC after 30 days of non-stimulated culture was higher than that of normal controls (N), mainly due to the persistence of CD8 memory lymphocytes. IFNgamma high CD8 T lymphocytes remained higher in XLP than in N after 30 days. The number of(More)
BACKGROUND Urological complications such as ureteral strictures and ureteral leakage can affect the outcome of kidney transplantation by increasing morbidity and mortality, including graft loss. Controversy still exists regarding the role of stents in renal transplantation. The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of ureteral stenting in kidney(More)
Dendritic cells are most important as antigen presenting cells during the induction of an effective immune response. Therefore, it is important to study their role during the generation of persistent or chronic viral infections, such as HIV or HCV infection. In this review we shall describe the phenotypic and functional characteristics of the different(More)
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