M. Bartholomeus

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This is the first report that describes the clinical and histological findings in a patient suffering from pure congenital fibre type disproportion (CFTD), who had two biopsies with an interval of 16 years. Additionally, we compared the clinical signs and symptoms of the present case to those of 35 CFTD cases reviewed from the literature. From this we(More)
Robot systems which use vision to track a moving target encounter the problem that the moving target has to be discriminated from the moving background. This paper describes a vision system which is able to detect such a moving target and is robust with respect to variations in the motion parameters of target and background and variations in the image(More)
A neural network with a broad distribution of transmission delays was used to study numerically the retrieval of sequences having several types of correlations between successive patterns. In the case of sequences consisting of patterns correlated for finite time, the quality of retrieval was found to be (more or less) independent of the pattern correlation(More)
Moisture Matters Climate-proof and process-based relationships between water, oxygen and vegetation Klimaatbestendige en op processen gebaseerde relaties tussen water, zuurstof en vegetatie The research in thesis was carried out at VU University Amsterdam and at KWR Watercycle Research Institute. The research was carried out in the framework of both Project(More)
Capnocytophaga canimorsus is a common Gram-negative anaerobic bacterium from the oral flora of dogs, typically transmitted to humans by dog bites. We report a case of C. canimorsus meningitis where there was (on presentation) no apparent predisposing risk factor and in whom we used 16S rRNA PCR gene sequencing to identify the pathogen quickly and to switch(More)
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