M. Barrella

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Introduction. Periodic limb movements during sleep (PLMs) is common in the elderly. When quality-of-life drops due to sleep disturbances, we speak about periodic limb movement disorder during sleep (PLMD). Another similar disorder, restless legs syndrome (RLS), is considered to be related to diabetes; RLS and PLMDs are genetically related. Our aim was to(More)
AIM Changes in the amplitude of Hoffmann reflex (H-reflex) may reflect variations in the characteristics of the largely monosynaptic circuitry that is explored and are a possible target for diagnostic and physical therapeutic intervention. However, previous attempts to induce predictable changes in the H-reflex amplitude by transcutaneous electrical nervous(More)
Morphological analysis of the pulse wave of central blood pressure signal is commonly used for the study of cardiac and vascular properties, but very few attempts were performed for analyzing the peripheral pulse wave of blood flow. In this work, we analyzed this waveform using classical methods, based on the application of FFT, followed by principal(More)
We here present an unusual case of hypokaliemic rhabdomyolysis, characterised by a sthenic deficit exclusively involving the distal muscles of the upper limbs and secondary to chronic glycyrrhizic acid intoxication, and by the absence of even ictal arterial hypertension. We discuss the etiopathogenetic bases and the risks related to the development of this(More)
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