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This article reports on exploration and results from mining educational multimedia presentations. Quantitative information extracted automatically from educational multimedia presentations are used as input to data mining algorithms to establish explicit relationships among the data related to interactivity (links and actions). The aim of the work is to(More)
This work describes a laboratory set-up at the University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada) that allows access to various instruments, of which development boards, attached to the serial or parallel ports of remote PCs and Unix stations/terminals, either locally or from a remote location. The heart of our infrastructure is a client-server software architecture(More)
As data rate continues to grow for data transfer within network equipment, system design is facing more challenge in maintaining low bit-error-rate in the presence of high channel loss, crosstalk, and worse signal-to-noise ratio. To avoid using a high cost, low-loss PCB material, a mid-channel-redriver is an increasingly promising solution for(More)
P. Gabrini CRIM 1801, McGill College avenue Montreal, QC, Canada pgabrini @crim.ca We present an object-oriented design model and its mapping to Ada 95 in order to build Active Information Systems. This represents part of a methodology based, for each step of the software life cycle, on a model and a step-by-step process. Thus, analysis is based on (I) an(More)
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