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AIM In recent years many consensus conferences of scientific societies have reaffirmed the advantages of metered dose inhalator (MDI) and spacer administration compared to classic aerosol in acute asthma and maintenance therapy. Faced with a more than convincing documentation, the practitioners have shown a controversial attitude concerning this type of(More)
AIM Evaluate the vitamin D serum status in a population of white and black mothers who live in the same geographic area of northern Italy (45 degrees 8' N of latitude) and its correlation with vitamin D serum concentrations of the respective newborns at birth, at 2 and 12 months. METHODS Twelve white woman-infant pairs and 12 black woman-infant pairs were(More)
Heel prick is an usual method performed to get a blood sample for newborn screening. Its wide use justifies the effort in reducing the pain as much as possible and some simple steps, including the use of spring heelsticks, are recommended by national and international guide-lines. But not all the heelsticks cause the same pain and allow to get enough blood(More)
Essential adiposity positively influences growth during childhood, but little is known about its effects on final height. A study was performed in 39 subjects (20 males and 19 females, mean age 10.7 for males, and 8.2 years for females) affected by essential adiposity to assess height during and at the end of the developmental age. During childhood the(More)
The study aimed to assess the effect of juvenile simple adiposity on growth. The height (measured using a Hapenden stadiometer) of 1443 subjects (799 boys and 644 girls) aged from 6 to 16 was measured. The Quetelet index (QI) of adiposity was used; all subjects examined exceeded the 95th centile of the standard Cronk and Roche scale. Heights are expressed(More)
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