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Matrix-associated regions (MARs), AT-rich DNA segments that have an affinity for the nuclear matrix, have been shown to play a role in transcriptional regulation of eukaryotic genes. The present study demonstrates that a DNA element, called L2a, which has been implicated in the transcriptional regulation of the mouse CD8a gene encoding an important T cell(More)
In a genome-scale analysis of the composition of core promoter sequences, we have recently shown that approximately 25% of the human protein-coding genes have at least one short tandem repeat (STR) of 3-repeats in their core promoters (i.e. the interval between -120 to +1). Through their nucleosome processing effect, GA-repeats play a crucial role in the(More)
Protein complexes that bind to 'GAGA' DNA elements are necessary to replace nucleosomes to create a local chromatin environment that facilitates a variety of site-specific regulatory responses. Three to four elements are required for the disruption of a preassembled nucleosome. We have previously identified human protein-coding gene core promoters that are(More)
We have previously reported a polymorphic purine complex at the 1.5 kb upstream region of the human caveolin 1 (CAV1) gene that is conserved across several species in respect with sequence motifs and the location of the complex. The IRF and Ets transcription factors have common binding sites for this region across those species. We have also shown skew in(More)
Fusion of mouse CD8+ class I MHC-restricted T cells with the BW5147 thymoma invariably yields CD8- hybridomas in which RNA transcribed from the CD8 alpha (Lyt-2) gene is undetectable. To determine whether cis-acting DNA sequences may negatively regulate transcription of the Lyt-2 gene in BW5147 cells, one possible explanation for the above observation,(More)
Tissue-specific expression of the CALR gene in the brain gray matter in late-adolescence and early adulthood coincides with the expression of the psychoses phenotypes. Indeed, increased expression of the chaperone genes in the prefrontal cortex has been reported in patients affected by schizophrenia. We have previously reported cases of psychosis-associated(More)
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