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The accuracy of profilometric optical metrology systems utilising digital fringe projection (DFP) is analysed. An analytical model to describe theoretical accuracy limitation is derived and given as a function of object distance from the projector, projector resolution, projection angle and also object gradient. Associated limitations of the model are also(More)
Analysis of the impact of temporal gamma luminance on Fourier transform profllometry (FTP) digital video projection (DVP) based structured light profilometers is undertaken. We investigate the spectral harmonic structure for typical DVP fringe images linking projector gamma and 2nd order fringe harmonics. The validity of the presented study is verified(More)
In this paper we are concerned with the elimination of gamma related errors by employing a simple and direct approach, specifically, for phase measuring profilometry (PMP) methods. The harmonic structure of a gamma distorted fringe is investigated and the implications of j for the PMP algorithm is studied. The minimum requirements in terms of number of(More)
In this work, an optical configuration is proposed to increase the spatial resolution of triangulation based profilometers utilising digital video projection (DVP) and also facilitate increased performance of defocusing optimisation schemes. The performance of the proposed optical configuration by contrasting experimental results obtained from a typical(More)
The performance of structured light profilometers is significantly hindered by the generation of distorted sinusoid fringe images, particularly, for multi-channel applications. In this paper we investigate the application of neural network fringe calibration for the multi-channel approach. We analytically review the nature of the major error sources(More)
An offshore, microprocessor-based real-time wave climate measuring system has been enhanced with the integration of a digital data radio transmission link. The on-shore link terminus includes facilities for the simultaneous processing of incoming wave height, period, direction and prevalent tropospheric weather data. Dynamic video displays, hard-copy(More)
We present a novel neural network signal calibration technique to improve the performance of triangulation based structured light profilometers. The performance of such profilometers is often hindered by the capture of noisy and aberrated pattern intensity distributions. We address this problem by employing neural networks and a spatial digital filter in a(More)
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