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BACKGROUND Acne vulgaris is one of the most common skin disorders in youth especially during the puberty. OBJECTIVE This in vitro study was performed to determine the antibiotic resistance and sensitivity in acne vulgaris. MATERIALS AND METHODS Samples were collected from normal skin and nodulocystic and pustular skin lesions of one hundred youngsters(More)
This paper describes a selection of the ethnove-terinary medicines used for herd dogs in the southern regions of Ilam province, Iran. Traditional botanical medicine is the primary mode of healthcare for most of the rural population in Ilam province. In this study, a questionnaire was distributed among 45 residential areas in 22 rural zones of the southern(More)
INTRODUCTION Public and occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields due to the growing trend of electronic devices may cause adverse effects on human health. This paper describes the risk of mutation and sexual trauma and infertility in masculine sexual cell by mobile phone radiations. METHODS In this study, we measured the emitted dose from a(More)
INTRODUCTION The incidence of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is very high in human societies and their prevention and treatment are the most important priority in many countries. Hypertension makes an important contribution to the development of CVDs. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to collect the ethno-medicinal knowledge of the traditional healers of Shiraz(More)
INTRODUCTION Kidney stones are the third most common urinary tract problems after urinary tract infections and prostate pathology. Kidney stones may cause extreme pain and blockage of urine flow. They are usually treated with medications that may cause a number of side-effects. Medicinal herbs are used in different cultures as a reliable source of natural(More)
CONTEXT Acne vulgaris affects about 85% of teenagers and may continue to adulthood. There are about two million visits to physicians per year for teenagers and the direct cost of acne treatment in the US exceeds $1 billion per year. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION A wide variety of treatment regimens exist for acne vulgaris including benzoil peroxide, retinoids,(More)
Diploid gynogenesis was induced in ship sturgeon Acipenser nudiventris using UV-irradiated sperm from Siberian sturgeon Acipenser baerii. The optimal condition for the retention of the second polar body in ship sturgeon was determined to be 10 min after activation/fertilization in experiments. The temperature of cold shock and its duration were 2.5 °C and(More)
This study was carried out to determine the effects of methanolic extracts of Allium sativum L. on Limnatis nilotica compared with Niclosomide. In this experimental study in September 2010, a number of leeches (70 in total) from the southern area of Ilam province were prepared, and the effects of methanolic extract of A. sativum L. with Niclosomide as the(More)
Oocyte maturation in fish is a hormonally regulated process. In the light of long-term oocyte maturation in beluga, the aim of this research was to study the estrogenic effects of different concentrations of soy dietary genistein (GE) and equol (EQ) on the growth performance and ovary development in farmed female Huso huso. Fish were fed with concentrations(More)
In this contribution Artificial Neural Network (ANN) modeling of the hydrocracking process is presented. The input–output data for the training and simulation phases of the network were obtained from the Tehran refinery ISOMAX unit. Different network designs were developed and their abilities were compared. Backpropagation, Elman and RBF networks were used(More)