M. Babita Jain

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An HPLC method is described for the determination of drotaverine in plasma; papaverine is used as the internal standard. The lower limit of quantitation is 50 ng ml-1 with an inter-assay precision (RSD) of below 4%. The method has been validated and successfully used to assay clinical trial samples in healthy volunteers.
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a parallel transmission scheme, where a high-rate serial data stream is split up into a set of low-rate sub streams, each of which is modulated on a separate subcarrier. Increasing the number of parallel transmission reduces the data rate that each individual carrier must convey and that lengthens the(More)
Short term load forecasting in this paper is done by considering the sensitivity of the network load to the temperature, humidity, day type parameters (THD) and previous load and also ensuring that forecasting the load with these parameters can best be done by the Regression Line Method (RLM) and Curve Fitting Method (CFM). The analysis of the load data(More)
To have an efficient and successful communication in ad hoc networks, the use of Cognitive Radios (CR) has gained popularity in the recent past. These radios have spectrum sensing capabilities and thus can easily switch to free spectrum band. The use of such type of radios not only improves the routing performance but at the same time improves the overall(More)
Power companies arrange regular training sessions to keep their operators ready to face blackout events, and expert systems play an important role in achieving this goal. Expert systems [1] have been proven to be an effective platform for diagnostic and control applications in power industry. Conventional expert systems are PC based and are not of much use(More)
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