M. Babita Jain

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An HPLC method is described for the determination of drotaverine in plasma; papaverine is used as the internal standard. The lower limit of quantitation is 50 ng ml-1 with an inter-assay precision (RSD) of below 4%. The method has been validated and successfully used to assay clinical trial samples in healthy volunteers.
Design strategies that account for local micro-climatic conditions can reduce the overall energy consumption of buildings over its life. This paper evaluates non-structural retrofit strategies for reducing energy consumption for existing buildings. Based on real-life data on usage statistics of buildings and accounting for local climatic conditions, we(More)
Short term load forecasting in this paper is done by considering the sensitivity of the network load to the temperature, humidity, day type parameters (THD) and previous load and also ensuring that forecasting the load with these parameters can best be done by the Regression Line Method (RLM) and Curve Fitting Method (CFM). The analysis of the load data(More)
Flexible electronics is a new trend in electronics industry to handle the increasing burden on chips. It is a technology for assembling electronic circuits by mounting electronic devices on flexible plastic substrate. This technology is increasingly being used in a number of applications which benefit from their light weight, favourable dielectric(More)
Now a day's power quality improvement is an important issue in respect of increasing application for nonlinear loads. The DSTATCOM is design for improvement, performance of distribution system under linear and nonlinear loads. Especially in nonlinear load DSTATCOM inject harmonics current components into the system to improve power quality of source current(More)
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