M. Başak Ulkay

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Several sources of variability can affect stereological estimates. Here we measured the impact of potential sources of variability on numerical stereological estimates of myelinated axons in the adult rat sciatic nerve. Besides biological variation, parameters tested included two variations of stereological methods (unbiased counting frame versus(More)
The toxic effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) during development has been widely investigated. While it has been shown that these drugs impair central nervous development and compromise the neural activity, the effects of these substances on the development of peripheral nerves are still not clarified. In the present study, sciatic(More)
There has been no study aimed at directly determining of the periods of Sertoli cell proliferation in birds even domestic fowl. The aims of this study were to observe the cessation of post-hatching mitotic proliferation of Sertoli cells in domestic fowl, and to determine the volume density of Sertoli and germ cells during this period. A total of 50 Leghorn(More)
The potential ability of melatonin to protect against impairment of the fetal peripheral nerve system due to maternal consumption of diclofenac sodium (DS) was investigated. Eighty-four pregnant rats were divided into seven groups: control (CONT), saline administered (PS), DS administered (DS), DS with low-dose melatonin administered (DS+MLT10), DS with(More)
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