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Growth in technology has led to unprecedented demand for high speed architectures for complex signal processing applications. In 4G wireless communication systems, bandwidth is a precious commodity, and service providers are continuously met with the challenge of accommodating more users with in a limited allocated bandwidth. To increase data rate of(More)
  • Mr Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Mrs Veena, Gulhane
  • 2014
Balancing any two wheeled vehicle is always a challenging task for human and robots both form long time. Leaning a bicycle driving is long time process and goes through building knowledge base for parameter decision making while balancing robots. To establish this machine learning phase with embedded system we are proposing the system. This proposed system(More)
This paper focuses on FPGA implementation of reconfigurable Digital Front end MIMO-OFDM module. The modeling of the MIMO-OFDM system was carried out in MATLAB followed by Verilog HDL implementation. Unlike the conventional OFDM based systems, the Numerically Controlled Oscillators (NCO) is used for mapping modulated data onto the sub carriers. The use of(More)
Automation systems are gaining lot of popularity nowadays and are being used at various places such as shopping malls, toll gates, airports, etc. In this paper, we present the implementation details of two schemes for home automation and control. The first scheme presents a prototype of Home Automation System (HAS) for remotely controlling the appliances at(More)
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