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The study of touch-evoked behavior allows investigation of both the cells and circuits that generate a response to tactile stimulation. We investigate a touch-insensitive zebrafish mutant, macho (maco), previously shown to have reduced sodium current amplitude and lack of action potential firing in sensory neurons. In the genomes of mutant but not wild-type(More)
Modeling) and SurfaceSlice are marks of Schlumberger. 1. For a data processing review see: Boreham D, Kingston J, Shaw P and van Zeelst J: " 3D Marine Seismic Data Processing, " Oilfield Review 3 no. 1 (Jan-uary 1991): 41-55. 2. SEG-Y is a digital tape format for data exchange specified by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. 3. The IES and IESX(More)
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