M. B. Suma

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We consider a system where streaming and/or real time applications, using the UDP protocol pass through a bottleneck router. Several persistent and non persistent TCP connections may also be passing through that router. Using the rate control at the UDP sources and choosing the RED parameters appropriately, we obtain pre-specified delays, little delay(More)
In this paper we develop a scheme which can help provide certain QoS via active measurement techniques. We send a probing stream, using the TCP or the UDP protocol, on a path with one bottleneck router. Several TCP and UDP connections (cross traffic) may be sharing the link on the router. We make measurements on the RTT and the throughput of the probing(More)
We present a perfusion culture system with miniature bioreactors and peristaltic pumps. The bioreactors are designed for perfusion, live-cell imaging studies, easy incorporation of microfabricated scaffolds, and convenience of operation in standard cell culture techniques. By combining with miniature peristaltic pumps-one for each bioreactor to avoid(More)
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