M.B. Serban

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It is increasingly known that gender differences affect disease presentation, clinical pathways, diagnostic yield and prognosis of patients with cardiovascular disorders. There are novel insights regarding heart failure that provide a platform for personalized medicine. This is a review of the existent data about heart failure in women, a neglected topic(More)
It is frequently recognized in medical literature as well as in daily clinical practice that right ventricular myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolism are two of the most challenging clinical pictures to differentiate in cardiology and the treatment, often chosen upon a mixture of clinical suspicion criteria subsequently confirmed by other diagnostic(More)
Congenital heart diseases are broadly defined as those cardiac anomalies that are present at birth. By their very nature, such defects have their origin in embryonic development. Congenital mitral valve regurgitation is a rare disease occurring in infancy or childhood. In up to 60% of cases, congenital anomalies of the mitral valve occur in association with(More)
The article is debating a theme of great interest for the defect of the abdominal wall surgery--the use of biocompatible prosthesis. The surgeon is often confused by the avalanche of offers made by the mesh producers, making it mandatory for him to know very well the behavior of these alloplastic structures in the tissue environment. From this point of(More)
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