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Pre-drinking (e.g., pre-gaming, pre-loading) occurs frequently among young adult and college-aged drinkers and is associated with increased intoxication as well as alcohol-related problems. The purpose of the following study was to examine pre-drinking behaviors in situ, and to test whether drinking intentions mediate the relationship between heavy episodic(More)
This paper presents data from a study that collected observational data, survey data, and breath samples to estimate blood alcohol concentrations (BrAC) from patrons attending 30 bars. The study examines: (1) drinking behavior and settings prior to going to a bar; (2) characteristics of the bar where respondents are drinking; (3) person and environmental(More)
This study examined relationships among drinking intentions, environments, and outcomes in a random sample of 566 undergraduate college students. Telephone interviews were conducted with respondents before and after a single weekend assessing drinking intentions for the coming weekend related to subsequent drinking behaviors. Latent class analyses found(More)
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