M. B. Rajarshi

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Two examples in quantitative biology are examined to emphasize the need for two-phase regression models: the osmotic behaviour of cells and the non-linear temperature kinetics of membrane-bound enzyme systems. Existing statistical techniques are inadequate to test the equality of break-points of two data sets for specific reasons. We suggest here a(More)
We consider a matrix model to describe the population dynamics of the Indian paper waspRopalidia marginata, a eusocial insect species of peninsular India. We obtain the stable class distribution of this model and apply it to compute the worker-brood genetic relatedness of the colony. Our results are compared with those obtained by observational studies.(More)
We study population biology of eusocial insects such as Ropalidia marginata through a stochastic model based on random (matrix) difference equations. This facilitates a study of dynamics of such populations when the survival and other rates vary randomly over time. The worker-brood relatedness, which is a function of the underlying population structure, can(More)
Ridge Regression for Estimation of Transition Probabilities from Aggregate Data Inderdeep Kaur & M. B. Rajarshi To cite this article: Inderdeep Kaur & M. B. Rajarshi (2012) Ridge Regression for Estimation of Transition Probabilities from Aggregate Data, Communications in Statistics Simulation and Computation, 41:4, 524-530, DOI: 10.1080/03610918.2011.595866(More)
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