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Measurements with an ion selective electrode under winter wheat and in adjacent fallow soil, from April to July 1976, showed that nitrate concentrations were high in the 0–25 cm zone and correspondingly lower at 50 cm, because of the extreme drying conditions. Maximum differences in nitrate concentrations between cropped and fallow soil occurred at Feekes'(More)
Soil nitrate measurements were made on Broadbalk, under winter wheat and in adjacent fallow soil, during April-August in the years 1972 to 1975 with a nitrate ion selective electrode. The results are presented as pNO3 values (=−log10[NO3]). For a given level of manurial N, annual mean pNO3 values correlate with total rainfall for the period of measurement(More)
The Herschel Reference Survey is a Herschel guaranteed time key project and will be a benchmark study of dust in the nearby universe. The survey will complement a number of other Herschel key projects including large cosmological surveys that trace dust in the distant universe. We will use Herschel to produce images of a statistically-complete sample of 323(More)
This work presents simulations of photo-excited minority carriers decay in HIT cells. The photo-carrier decay is analyzed as a function of light pulse duration, c-Si material quality and external parameters such as voltage bias and temperature. The simulation results can help interpret capacitance transient as well as photovoltage decay measurements.
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