M. B. Nirmala

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Increasing data volumes, data replication at offsite, and the greater than ever use of content-rich and Big Data, applications are mandating IT organizations to optimize their network resources. Trends such as Virtualization and Cloud computing further emphasize this requirement of this current era of Big data. To help with this process, companies are(More)
– The security issue in a wireless sensor network (WSN) has been drawing considerable research attention in recent years. However Key management, a basic security service, becomes the core design for various security services, such as encryption and authentication. To increase the connectivity of each key in a large-scale WSN and to enlarge its maximum(More)
In wireless sensor networks securing code update is essential for many crucial military applications. The nodes deployed in border areas in the military region called the border sensor nodes are the more sensitive nodes. The border sensor nodes need to do some special tasks compared to other intermediate sensor nodes. So the code update to be sent to the(More)
Securing code update is essential for military and health care applications. The functionalists of the sensor nodes in military and health monitoring region depend on their environmental conditions. The sensor nodes will be divided into different multi cast groups based on their location. For each multi cast group a different code update will be sent. We(More)
Most of the sensor nodes are battery powered and energy utilization is one of the important criteria. At the same time Securing code update is very much essential for military, health care and environmental applications. But to send the code updates in a distributed, multihop sensor networks, most of the energy will be consumed in forwarding the packets to(More)
This paper deals primarily on analysis of establishing Pairwise keys on Distributed Sensor Networks [1]. Pairwise key establishment is a fundamental security service in sensor networks; it enables sensor nodes to communicate securely with each other using cryptographic techniques. In order to facilitate the study of new key distribution techniques, we(More)
Wireless sensor network localization is an important area that attracts significant research interest. Current localization algorithms mainly focus to localize as many nodes as possible for a given static set of anchor nodes and distance measurement. In this paper, we discuss a new technique that aims to localize all the sensor nodes in the network using(More)
Securing Network Program update is essential for many crucial military applications. Present Network Programming protocols proposed by Hailun Tan et al. provides confidentiality and authentication with high computational effort and power consumption. We have developed a confidential network program update protocol for clustered wireless sensor networks. Our(More)
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