M B Mostarica

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Rabbit anti-rat brain synaptic membrane and anti-rat thymocyte antisera were used in cytotoxicity, immunofluorescence, and absorption assays to define the antigenic relationship between the rat brain and thymocytes, and the localizing properties of antibodies. Both antisera cross-reacted with brain tissue and thymocytes. However, anti-synaptic membrane and(More)
In the present study serum immuno-inhibitory factors in children with otitis media with effusion (OME) were evaluated. The study included 23 children with OME and 23 healthy age-and-sex-matched controls. Serum inhibitory activity (SIA) was expressed as the inhibition index of proliferative response to T-cells lectins. In almost all the children with OME the(More)
Rabbit antisera to chicken whole brain and brain microsomes, synaptic membranes, and synaptic vesicles were used in cytotoxicity and immunofluorescence assays against chicken bursacytes and thymocytes. Brain organelles, bursacytes and thymocytes have shown to possess common antigenic determinants. The common antigen is present in small amounts on thymocytes(More)