M B López Alvarez

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Our aim was to study the bone mineral density (BMD) of patients with chronic hypoparathyroidism (hypoPTH) after longterm calcium and vitamin D treatment. Twenty hypoPTH women (mean-/+SD, aged 50-/+15 years, IPTH 4-/+6 pg/ml) and 20 matched euparathyroid women (euPTH) after near total thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer, completed with I-131 ablation and on(More)
BACKGROUND It is controversial if the long-term treatment with thyroid hormone given at substitutive or suppressive doses has a negative effect on bone metabolism. In previous reports the lack of ultrasensitive TSH assays and densitometers with adequate precision, and the heterogeneity of the patients analyzed could explain these discordant results. (More)
Pancreatic transplantation (PT) is a therapeutical procedure which is being currently assessed for the treatment of insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus. Organ PT is a real alternative, whereas islets PT is a method still in its clinic and animal experimental stages. Different surgical methods of drainage, preservation, selection of donor, complications and(More)
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