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Apolipoprotein B (apoB), an apolipoprotein associated with very low density lipoproteins and the atherogenic low density lipoproteins (LDL), directs the metabolism of lipoprotein particles in plasma by interacting with the LDL receptor. Utilizing human intestinal biopsy organ cultures, we have studied the synthesis of intestinal apoB in man. Intestinal(More)
Cholesterol synthesis was studied in intestinal biopsies obtained from children with different forms of malabsorption syndrome. It was demonstrated that intestinal cholesterol synthesis is enhanced in celiac disease and several other forms of malabsorption syndrome. Mevinolin inhibited intestinal cholesterol synthesis in all groups of patients. No(More)
On the basis of the analysis of rheopulmonograms the condition of the pulmonary blood flow was studied in 35 children with mitral stenosis prior to operation and on the 20--30th day and 6 months after the operation. There was revealed partial normalization of the pulmonary blood flow in patients with "pure" stenosis and insufficient effectiveness of(More)