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The aim of our study was to investigate age related changes of physical-chemical parameters of erythrocytes. It is known that insufficiency of erythrocytes antioxidant defence system in newborns is a keystone of peculiarities manifested in homeostasis among this group. The excess volume of reactive oxygen determines disorders related to the functioning of(More)
The goal of the research was to study the mechanisms of the regulation of deformability of RBCs in various aged people. Morphological, biophysical and biochemical parameters of RBCs were studied in 50 practically healthy men - volunteers (divided in two age groups: adults (22-30 years old), and old people (75-89 years old)). It was conclude that excess(More)
Considering the age and sex-dependent trend in the manifestation of various diseases, as well as an important pathogenic role of circulatory disorders, we decided to study the age-dependent changes in the physical properties of RBCs membrane proteins (their electric charge and molecular weight) in healthy people of different sex (males and females) and age.(More)
An actin-binding protein filamin A connects the actin filament network to cell membrane receptors, and acts as a scaffold for various signaling pathways related to cancer growth and progression. Recently, it has been reported that filamin A is required for efficient regulation of early stages of DNA repair process. Moreover, some in vitro studies showed(More)
Object of the research was to study the diffractometric indices of erythrocytes, while 1 ml of the blood of the experimental animals was irradiated extracorporally by helium-neon laser. For this purpose 1 ml blood was taken from normal weight, (1200 gr) grown up shinshila rabbits, that we divided into 7 groups and irradiated with 10 vat helium-neon laser(More)
The aim of the study was the investigation of age-related functional alterations of adrenoreceptors and the effect of agonist and antagonist drugs on age related adrenoreceptor activity in erythrocyte membrane. The impact of isopropanol and propanol on functional activity β- adrenergic receptors in red blood cell membrane were studied in 50 practically(More)
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