M. Azzeim M. Jusoh

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In this paper we describe a real-time shadow generation with volume shadow algorithm in virtual environment that is illuminated by light sources with possibility to move separately. This algorithm uses the combination of stencil and Z-buffers to generate shadow volume. It is simple to understand and implement. We have significantly improved and implemented(More)
—The binary-based algorithms including the binary particle swarm optimization (BPSO) algorithm are proposed to solve discrete optimization problems. Many works have focused on the improvement of the binary-based algorithms. Yet, none of these works have been represented in states. In this paper, by implementing the representation of state in particle swarm(More)
The paper proposes a novel concept in designing a data integrated web database which incorporates three kernels which point towards database cells related to the development of Melaka K-Economy Incubator catalysed by Cottage Industries, Investors' Trend and Intellectual Properties resulting from the research work from local universities and research(More)
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