M. Azab Abd-Allah

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This article presents the technical aspects of a linear filter, referred to as eigenimage filtering, and its applications in magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. The technique is used to obtain a single composite image depicting a particular feature of interest while suppressing one or more interfering features. The appropriate weighting components to be used(More)
In the present paper we introduce and study L-pre-T0-, L-pre-T1-, L-pre-T2 (L-pre-Hausdorff)-, L-pre-T3 (L-preregularity)-, L-pre-T4 (L-pre-normality)-, L-pre-strong-T3-, L-pre-strong-T4-, L-pre-R0-, L-pre-R1-separation axioms in (2, L)-topologies where L is a complete residuated lattice. Sometimes we need more conditions on L such as the completely(More)
Keywords: Double fuzzy topology Double neighborhood systems Double fuzzy preproximity Double fuzzy closure space a b s t r a c t In this paper, we introduce the notions of double neighborhood systems and double fuzzy preproximity in double fuzzy topological spaces. We used double neighborhoods to study the initial structure of double fuzzy topological(More)