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This experiment was carried out as a preliminary study, an attempt to grow new intestinal mucosa on human amniotic membrane in the terminal ileum in 37 rabbits. After ketamin sulfate anesthesia at laparatomy, 5-cm ileal defects were patched with human amniotic membrane (5 x 2 cm). These patched intestines were investigated on the first postoperative day and(More)
ABSTRACT Propolis is collected by worker honey bees from the trees. The bees pack propolis on their hind legs, carry it to their colony, and use it as a sterilant in the hive. Propolis has also been used by humans since early times for various purposes and, especially, as a medicine because of its antimicrobial properties. In this study, antimicrobial(More)
Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (HPS) is very rare during the newborn period. Here we present a fullterm male neonate with abundant hematemesis 12 hours after birth which interrupted oral feeding. Bleeding subsided within three days after conservative measures, and oral feeding was restarted but not tolerated. The vomiting was effortless and nonbilious. An(More)
Dexmedetomidine (DEX) is an alpha-2 adrenergic agonist drug recently introduced to anesthesia practice. Certain agents used in anesthesia practice have been associated with abuse and addiction problems; however, few studies have investigated the role of DEX on addictive processes. Here, the effects and possible mechanisms of action of DEX on conditioned(More)
Mutations at the GLC1 locus in Saccharomyces cerevisiae result in a major deficiency in synthesis of catalase T, but do not affect catalase A. Three independent glc1 mutations were shown to have the same pleiotropic phenotype: catalase T deficiency, defective glycogen synthesis and defective trehalose accumulation. These three deficiencies appear to be(More)
The effects of piroxicam on the duration and severity of damage to the mucosal barrier of the urinary bladder after overdistension was investigated.Overdistension of the bladder was induced for 3 h in 16 New Zealand male rabbits by giving Ringer's lactate infusion (40 ml/kg/h) and furosemide (1 mg/kg) to the peritoneal cavity. Insertion of 8 Fr Foley(More)
This experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of endogenous nitric oxide (NO) on the ischemia-reperfusion injury of testis.Testicular ischemia was achieved by twisting the right testis and spermatic cord 1080 counter-clockwise for 30 minutes and reperfusion was allowed for 30 minutes after detorsion of 33 rats. Animals were treated with normal(More)
Two children, both girls, aged 11 and 16 with a postoperative biliary fistula and cholelithiasis, choledochal cyst and common bile duct stones have undergone endoscopic sphincterotomy (EST), leading to a rapid recovery from their pathologies, thanks to cooperative work. In reviewing the literature we have not come across any cases of EST in our patients'(More)
Electromagnetic field (EMF) stimulation has been used successfully in the clinical setting to promote healing of ununited fractures. In a few studies, EMF stimulation enhanced soft tissue healing. To investigate the effect of EMF stimulation on intestinal wound healing in normal rats and in those treated with corticosteroids, 80 Wistar rats received(More)