M Aurora Falcone

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BACKGROUND Cannabis use is associated with an increased risk of psychosis. One study has suggested that genetic variation in the AKT1 gene might influence this effect. METHODS In a case-control study of 489 first-episode psychosis patients and 278 control subjects, we investigated the interaction between variation at the AKT1 rs2494732 single nucleotide(More)
BACKGROUND Cognitive biases may contribute to delusion persistence. We tested this in a longitudinal study of first episode psychosis (FEP). METHODS 34 FEP patients completed assessments of delusions and Jumping to Conclusions (JTC) at baseline and 12-month follow-up. RESULTS JTC was associated with baseline delusion severity (t(32)=2.7, p=0.01).(More)
BACKGROUND The Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) modulates cognitive processes and is associated with increased risk of schizophrenia. Childhood trauma (CT) is frequent in patients with psychosis and severely affects course and outcome. AIMS We investigated the hypothesis that BDNF is associated with both CT and cognitive deficits in a sample of(More)
This study investigated the relationship between severe childhood abuse and cognitive functions in first-episode psychosis patients and geographically-matched controls. Reports of any abuse were associated with lower scores in the executive function domain in the control group. However, in contrast with our hypothesis, no relationships were found amongst(More)
Estimates of pre-morbid IQ are widely used to measure the trajectory of cognitive function and decline in people with schizophrenia. This study examined the usefulness of two indices of decline to identify cognitive subtypes in first episode psychosis, and to determine the specificity of non-IQ neuropsychological impairments in this population.(More)
BACKGROUND The insight into psychosis can be assessed reliably by clinicians from interviews with patients. However, patients may retain implicit awareness of illness while lacking explicit awareness. SAMPLING AND METHODS In a sample of first-episode psychosis patients, we used a test of processing of mental illness-related and other negative words as a(More)
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