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Sandia national laboratories (SNL) and lockheed martin MS2 are designing an electromagnetic missile launcher (EMML) for naval applications. Lhe EMML uses an induction coilgun topology with the requirement of launching a 3600 lb. missile up to a velocity of 40 m/s. Lo demonstrate the feasibility of the electromagnetic propulsion design, a demonstrator(More)
Summary form only given. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is investigating electromagnetic (EM) guns for the next generation combat vehicle providing greater range, accuracy, and survivability without the use of propellant. Electromagnetic guns can provide high-fidelity controlled muzzle velocity, which removes the largest source of error in(More)
Electromagnetic launch technology is being developed at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) for applications such as high-speed transit, military defense, and space vehicle launching. A lumped-parameter circuit simulation code called Slingshot was developed by SNL to simulate launcher performance (B.M. Marder, 2001). This software calculates self and(More)
There are numerous applications requiring multiple high power laser beams. The simultaneous operation of more than one optically controlled high power switch such as photo-conductive, optically initiated gas, surface, and junction semiconductor, requires synchronous delivery of pulsed high power optical energy to many sites. The University of Missouri(More)
High electric field geometries for high power, photoconductive switches made possible by employing above bandgap photons and interbandgap dopants / defects are being investigated for compact pulse power systems. The high field, long absorption depth package reduces the required linear mode, optical closure energy and also reduces the conduction current(More)
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