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Numerical simulations of layered, sulphide-bearing unsaturated waste rock piles are presented to illustrate the effect of coupled processes on the generation of acid mine drainage (AMD). The conceptual 2D systems were simulated using the HYDRUS model for flow and the POLYMIN model for reactive transport. The simulations generated low-pH AMD which was(More)
The discussers have read this paper with considerable interest and, like the authors and many others, they have also observed that compressibility can significantly influence the unsaturated properties of soft materials. Obtaining valuable experimental results on these types of materials is quite a challenge, and the authors should be commended for their(More)
A benign neck mass was discovered in a young child which, based on presentation, was diagnosed as a thyroglossal duct cyst. Thyroglossal duct cysts normally appear in childhood and are usually asymptomatic. They are a congenital neoplasm resulting from incomplete resorption of the thyroglossal duct following the embryonic descent of the thyroid gland and(More)
A uniied constitutive model using internal state variables (ISV) to describe the inelastic behavior of salt in the ductile and semi-brittle regimes has been implemented into a 2D/3D object oriented nite element code (Z eBuLoN). This program was speciically designed for the analysis of complex material behavior under a variety of loading conditions,(More)