M. Asuncion Vicente

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Recently, a number of empirical studies have compared the performance of PCA and ICA as feature extraction methods in appearance-based object recognition systems, with mixed and seemingly contradictory results. In this paper, we briefly describe the connection between the two methods and argue that whitened PCA may yield identical results to ICA in some(More)
BACKGROUND Acute symptomatic pulmonary embolism (PE) varies in its clinical manifestations in patients with cancer and entails specific issues. The objective is to assess the performance of five scores (PESI, sPESI, GPS, POMPE, and RIETE) and a clinical decision rule to predict 30-day mortality. METHODS This is an ambispective, observational, multicenter(More)
OBJECTIVES We aimed to compare the utility and validity of two popular socio-dental indicators (OIDP and OHIP-14) for describing the impact of oral conditions on quality of life applied simultaneously. STUDY DESIGN We recruited a consecutive sample of 270 healthy Spanish workers visiting the Employment Risk Prevention Centre for a routine medical(More)
A simple and efficient control law that combines the information of two cameras in order to realize the positioning task of a robot end-effector is presented in this paper. One of these cameras is rigidly mounted on the robot end-effector(eye-in-hand configuration) the other one observes the robot within its work space(eye-to-hand configuration). The aim of(More)
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