M. Asunción Castaño

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Both Neural Networks and Finite-State Models have recently proved to be encouraging approaches to Example-Based Machine Translation. This paper compares the translation performances achieved with the two techniques as well as the corresponding resources required. To this end, both Elman Simple Recurrent Nets and Subsequential Transducers were trained to(More)
This paper extends previous work exploring the use of Subsequential Transducers to perform speech-input translation in limited-domain tasks. This is done following an integrated approach in which a Subsequential Transducer replaces the input-language model of a conventional speech recognition system, and is used both as language and translation model. This(More)
The use of internal DC wattmeters, connected to the ATX lines that distribute power from the supply unit to the computer components, is a luring method to profile power in server configurations due to the accurate and complete information provided by this approach. In this paper we enhance the appeal of this type of power meters by addressing one of their(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Significant controversy still exists about ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitor monotherapy (mtPI/rtv) as a simplification strategy that is used up to now to treat patients that have not experienced previous virological failure (VF) while on protease inhibitor (PI) -based regimens. We have evaluated the effectiveness of two mtPI/rtv(More)