M. Aslam Chaudhry

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In this paper we have introduced extensions yv(a, x; b) and fu(a, x; b) of the generalized Gamma functions y (a, x; b) and V(a, x\ b) considered recently by Chaudhry and Zubair. These extensions are found useful in the representations of the Laplace and tf-transforms of a class of functions. We have also defined a generalization of the inverse Gaussian(More)
Fasciola gigantica Cobbold was studied in the intermediate host snail. On snail surveyLymnaea natalensis Krauss was the species found responsible for the transmission ofFasciola gigantica in Malawi. The ecology of this snail was studied at 5 different habitats spread throughout Malawi. The snail population was recorded high from April to October. The(More)
Abstract Two representations of the extended gamma functions Γ 0,2[(b, x)] are proved. These representations are exploited to find a transformation relation between two Fox’s H-functions. These results are used to solve Fox’s H-function in terms of Meijer’s G-function for certain values of the parameters. A closed form representation of the kernel of the(More)
The epidemiology ofFasciola gigantica Cobbold was studied in the definiti host and the epidemiological cycle was determined. The incidence of immature flukes was high in September to December and mature flukes from December to March. A survey of chronic fascioliasis was conducted covering almost the whole country. The prevalence of the disease was high in(More)
We present a Fourier transform representation of the gamma functions, which leads naturally to a distributional representation for them. Both of these representations lead to new identities for the integrals of gamma functions multiplied by other functions, which are also presented here. 1. Introduction. Considering the time since Euler extended the domain(More)
A vertex u in a graph G resolves a pair of distinct vertices x, y of G if the distance between u and x is different from the distance between u and y. A set W of vertices in G resolves the graph G if every pair of distinct vertices of G is resolved by some vertices in W . The metric dimension of a graph, denoted by dim(G), is the smallest cardinality of a(More)
Corresponding to the incomplete gamma functions, found useful in many problems, we propose incomplete exponential functions. Like the generalized incomplete gamma functions, the proposed functions have an additional parameter. It is shown that these functions can be related to Bessel functions. This leads us naturally to an incomplete extension of the(More)
For a noncommuting product of functions, similar to convolutions, an “identity-type function” leaving a specific function invariant is defined. It is evaluated for any choice of function on which it acts by solving a functional equation. A closed-form representation for the identity-type function of (1+ t)−b(b > 0) is obtained, which is a solution of a(More)