M. Askenazi

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The discovery of any new gene requires an analysis of the expression context for that gene. Now that the cDNA and genomic sequencing projects are progressing at such a rapid rate, high throughput gene expression screening approaches are beginning to appear to take advantage of that data. We present a strategy for the analysis for large-scale quantitative(More)
The evidence that two molecules interact in a living cell is often inferred from multiple different experiments. Experimental data is captured in multiple repositories, but there is no simple way to assess the evidence of an interaction occurring in a cellular environment. Merging and scoring of data are commonly required operations after querying for the(More)
Every molecular player in the cast of biology's central dogma is being sequenced and quantified with increasing ease and coverage. To bring the resulting genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic data sets into coherence, tools must be developed that do not constrain data acquisition and analytics in any way but rather provide simple links across previously(More)
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