M. Ashraful Amin

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25% of the total revenue earning is achieved from Textile exports for some countries like Bangladesh. It is thus important to produce defect free high quality garment products. Inspection processes done on fabric industries are mostly manual hence time consuming. To reduce error on identifying fabric defects requires automotive and accurate inspection(More)
In this work, we use the PCA based eigenface method to build a face recognition system that have recognition accuracy more than 97% for the ORL database and 100% for the CMU databases. However, the main goal of this research is to identify the characteristics of eigenface based face recognition while, (1) the number of eigenface features or signatures in(More)
Although many systems exist for automatic classification of faces according to their emotional expression, these systems do not explicitly estimate the strength of given expressions. This paper describes and empirically evaluates an algorithm capable of estimating the degree to which a face expresses a given emotion. The system first aligns and normalizes(More)
Feature extraction is one of the fundamental problems of character recognition. The performance of character recognition system is depends on proper feature extraction and correct classifier selection. In this article, a rapid feature extraction method is proposed and named as Celled Projection (CP) that compute the projection of each section formed through(More)