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In order to effectively control nonlinear and multivariable models, and to incorporate constraints on system states, inputs and outputs (bounds, rate of change), a suitable (sometimes necessary) controller is model predictive control (MPC). MPC is an optimization-based control scheme that requires abundant matrix operations for the calculation of the(More)
This paper presents an algorithm-specific processor for embedded model predictive control (MPC). After analyzing the computational cost of MPC, via profiling, we observe that the optimizations associated with MPC are dominated by operations on real matrices. To overcome this bottleneck we propose connecting a limited resource host processor with an(More)
An asynchronous communication scheme for scalable routing of spike events in large-scale neuromorphic hardware is presented. The routing scheme extends the Address-Event Representation (AER) protocol for spike event communication to a modular, hierarchical architecture supporting efficient implementation of global synaptic inter-connectivity across a(More)
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