M. Armon Rahgozar

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As the size and number of online social networks are increasing day by day, social network analysis has become a popular issue in many branches of science. The link prediction is one of the key rolling issues in the analysis of social network’s evolution. As the size of social networks is increasing, the necessity for scalable link prediction algorithms is(More)
Determining the parameters of motion within a time-varying scene is an important problem in such fields as computer vision, motion compensated video coding, and tracking. Most motion estimation algorithms operate on image data that has been sampled in both space and time. However, very little work has been done to investigate the impact of the underlying(More)
Prediction of drug-disease associations is one of the current fields in drug repositioning that has turned into a challenging topic in pharmaceutical science. Several available computational methods use network-based and machine learning approaches to reposition old drugs for new indications. However, they often ignore features of drugs and diseases as well(More)
Graph clustering algorithms are widely used in the analysis of biological networks. Extracting functional modules in protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks is one such use. Most clustering algorithms whose focuses are on finding functional modules try either to find a clique like sub networks or to grow clusters starting from vertices with high degrees(More)
Many complex systems such as biological and social systems can be modeled using graph structures called biological networks and social networks. Instead of studying separately each of the elements composing such complex systems, it is easier to study the networks representing the interactions between the elements of these systems. A commonly known fact in(More)
Stemmers are softwares that find syntactic roots of the words. They play an important role in natural language processing and other fields sueh as information retrieval (IR). In IR using stemmed words instead of the original words, could increase as mueh as 15 percent to the overall perfom13nce. In this paper, we report on the development of a Persian(More)