M Arif A Aziz

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A total of 11,815 weight records from 23,94 Japanese Black calves was used to estimate direct, maternal, direct permanent environmental, and maternal permanent environmental effects on growth from birth to 356 d of age. The data were collected from a herd of Japanese Black cattle in Shiroshi city, Miyagi prefecture, Japan. A random regression model,(More)
An equilibrium model for describing the relationships between important parameters for heavy metal sorption by algae was derived through a thermodynamics approach. In this model, both the removal efficiency of heavy metal and metal adsorption per unit algal biomass are considered to be simple functions of the ratio of algal biomass concentration to the(More)
In this study, calcined Lapindo volcanic mud (LVM) was used as an adsorbent to remove an anionic dye, methyl orange (MO), from an aqueous solution by the batch adsorption technique. Various conditions were evaluated, including initial dye concentration, adsorbent dosage, contact time, solution pH, and temperature. The adsorption kinetics and equilibrium(More)
Data on 17348 weaning weight records from a beef cattle crossbreeding operation were used to determine the effect of outliers on regression coefficients. Different criteria were used for detecting potential influential points. Eliminating a small number (932 or 5.4%) influential points resulted in the improvement of the model fitted. The R values increased(More)
Repeated records of number of services per conception (NSC) were collected on 607 Japanese Black cows. Data were analysed by random regression (RRM) and multiple trait (MTM) models, considering NSC in each parity as a separate trait. The chosen RRM included additive genetic and permanent environmental effects fitted with a third-order Legendre polynomials(More)
The paper making industry is characterized by high rate of water consumption and hence high rate of wastewater generation. The purpose of this research was to assess and optimize the existing complete mix activate sludge treatment plant that is used to treat the high strength paper mill effluent with the highest possible efficiency at a reasonable cost. The(More)
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