M. Aqeel Iqbal

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In the present era of technology computer has facilitated the human life up to a great extent. The speed of computation has raised to astonish level but the pace of development of other technologies which have core dependency over computers have raised relatively exponentially huge, though the computer speed of computation is very fast with respect to human(More)
Computers have a direct impact on our lives nowadays. Human's interaction with the computer has modified with the passage of time as improvement in technology occurred the better the human computer interaction became. Today we are facilitated by the operating system that has reduced all the complexity of hardware and we undergo our computation in a very(More)
Software has gained immense importance in our everyday life and is handling each and every aspect of today's technological world. The idea of software at initial phase was implemented by a very precise minority of individual and now it's everywhere whether one's personal life or an organization .Financially strong organization and people who can purchase(More)
Software systems endure many noteworthy changes throughout their life-cycle in order to follow the evolution of the problem domains. Generally, the software system architecture cannot follow the rapid evolution of a problem domain which results in the discrepancies between the implemented and designed architecture. Software architecture illustrates a(More)
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