M. Anoosuya Devi

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This paper proposes an improved LSB (least Significant bit) based Steganography technique for images imparting better information security for hiding secret information in images. There is a large variety of steganography techniques some are more complex than others and all of them have respective strong and weak points. It ensures that the eavesdroppers(More)
Steganography is a science of hiding messages into multimedia documents. A message can be hidden in a document only if the content of a document has high redundancy. Although the embedded message changes the characteristics and nature of the document, it is required that these changes are difficult to be identified by an unsuspecting user. On the other(More)
Steganalysis is the art and science of detecting the embedded message in a multimedia document, this document may be text, image, audio or video. Many studies focus on review the steganalysis algorithm based on steganography and steganalysis classification. This paper will review the image steganalysis techniques based on image type format classification,(More)
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