M. Annabi

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After a presentation of a grading system of cereals, we present our contribution in proposing a gait of transition of the "barème d'agréage" used in Tunisia to determine the price of transactions of cereals toward a grading system based on the concept of "Grade" using a fuzzy logic techniques. The simplification of the "barème d'agréage" necessitates a(More)
The title compound, C30H28O2, was obtained during recrystallization of (±)-1,2-diphenyl-1,2-propane-diol in 1-butanol, from an unexpected non-acid-catalyzed pinacol rearrangement followed by acetal formation of the newly formed aldehyde with the diol. The tri-substituted dioxolane ring has a twist conformation on the C-O bond opposite the methyl-substituted(More)
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