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After a presentation of a grading system of cereals, we present our contribution in proposing a gait of transition of the "barème d’agréage" used in Tunisia to determine the price of transactions of cereals toward a grading system based on the concept of "Grade" using a fuzzy logic techniques. The simplification of the "barème d’agréage" necessitates a(More)
After a presentation of the strategic planning and the different approaches in use to define the strategic objectives, we present on the one hand the logical framework approach (LFA) also referred to as objectives oriented project planning (OOPP) and how to refine it into TeamUP and on the other hand the results of the works done by our research team (UR(More)
After a presentation of different methods of structured analysis (SA, SADT and SART), we present an approach of analysis of these methods. This approach consists in identifying on the one hand, tools of representation used by the various methods and on the other hand, differences that appear giving the advantage to one or the other of representations. In(More)
After a presentation of an industrial process, we present an application of fuzzy logic techniques on a grading system of cereals. A methodological approach for the integration of these techniques has been presented on the one hand and a systems analysis approach based on the OOPP method has been exploited, on the other hand. The case study is a cereal(More)
After a presentation of the context of the formation from a far, we present a platform for teaching of technology based on three components: a remote handling platform for automatic devices and regulation, a numeric supports in electronics and computer science and a virtual university platform in Tunisia. An approach of specification based on the systemic(More)
The title compound, C30H28O2, was obtained during recrystallization of (±)-1,2-diphenyl-1,2-propane-diol in 1-butanol, from an unexpected non-acid-catalyzed pinacol rearrangement followed by acetal formation of the newly formed aldehyde with the diol. The tri-substituted dioxolane ring has a twist conformation on the C-O bond opposite the methyl-substituted(More)
After a presentation of the complexity to apply the fuzzy logic on industrial systems, we present the issues involved in the application of the fuzzy logic particularly the way to approach a control or classification problem. In order to deal with these issues, we present a case study of a grading system of cereals that allows us to determine the price of(More)
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