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Two prototype 24-unit microbioreactors are presented and reviewed for their relative merits. The first used a standard 24-well plate as the template, while the second consisted of 24-discrete units. Both systems used non-invasive optical sensors to monitor pH and dissolved oxygen. The systems were used to cultivate Escherichia coli. Both designs had their(More)
We present a new computer-controlled, electromechanical system for performing simultaneous extension, inflation, and torsion experiments on cylindrical segments of natural and artificial blood vessels. Specimens are tested while immersed in a temperature-controlled, oxygenated, physiologic solution. Deformations are measured within a central region of the(More)
Attempts have been made to explore the impact of Information and Communication Technology on entire gamut of Library sector. Conceptualize the transformation of conventional libraries into Librarian 2.0 and Web 2.0 providing changing scenario of information industry. Further describes the role of Libraries in supporting Teaching and Student Community by(More)
The paper describes a model for an Ad-hoc Distributed Multi-player Turn-based Game which operates over the IMS Platform utilizing IMS service capabilities. The paper defines a model, wherein Server-based functionalities of the Turn-based games are distributed across all the Nodes involved in the game thus eliminating need for a Server & de-centralizing(More)
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