M. Anjanappa

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Two prototype 24-unit microbioreactors are presented and reviewed for their relative merits. The first used a standard 24-well plate as the template, while the second consisted of 24-discrete units. Both systems used non-invasive optical sensors to monitor pH and dissolved oxygen. The systems were used to cultivate Escherichia coli. Both designs had their(More)
We present a new computer-controlled, electromechanical system for performing simultaneous extension, inflation, and torsion experiments on cylindrical segments of natural and artificial blood vessels. Specimens are tested while immersed in a temperature-controlled, oxygenated, physiologic solution. Deformations are measured within a central region of the(More)
The paper describes a model for an Ad-hoc Distributed Multi-player Turn-based Game which operates over the IMS Platform utilizing IMS service capabilities. The paper defines a model, wherein Server-based functionalities of the Turn-based games are distributed across all the Nodes involved in the game thus eliminating need for a Server & de-centralizing(More)
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