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INTRODUCTION Paediatric obesity is a public health concern worldwide as it can track into adulthood and increase the risk of adult morbidity and mortality. While the aetiology of obesity is multi-factorial, the roles of diet and physical activity are controversial. Thus, the purpose of this study was to report on the differences in energy intake, diet(More)
Food insecurity exists whenever people are not able to access sufficient food at all times for an active and healthy life. This study used the Radimer/Cornell hunger and food insecurity instrument to assess food insecurity and to determine the risk factors and consequences of food insecurity among low-income households in Kuala Lumpur. One hundred and(More)
INTRODUCTION Body image concerns are common among adolescents as they undergo rapid physical growth and body shape changes. Having a distorted body image is a risk factor for the development of disordered eating behaviours and eating disorders. This study was undertaken to investigate body image concerns among Malaysian male and female adolescents aged(More)
AIM To study prospectively the psychiatric side effects of interferon-alpha in patients with hepatitis C. METHODS Sixty-three consecutive patients at a hepatitis clinic were recruited. All were assessed using a psychiatric interview (SCID) and monitored using a self-reporting psychiatric symptom questionnaire (SCL-90). RESULTS Patients on interferon did(More)
Four studies examined whether thought suppression could enhance attitude accessibility and whether behaviours that are consistent with the more accessible attitudes would follow. Thinness was examined as the attitude object. Experiments 1 and 2 showed that suppression of positive thoughts about thinness increased the accessibility of the positive attitudes(More)
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