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Web service supports interoperability for collecting, storing, manipulating and retrieving data from heterogeneous environments. The Wireless Sensor Network is a resource-constrained device, which is low cost, low power and small in size and used in various applications such as industrial control & monitoring, environmental sensing, health care, etc.(More)
Secure multiparty computation (SMC) is needed now-a-days in which data are distributed between different parties. Moreover, organizations are wished to collaborate with other parties who conduct same business, for their mutual benefits. SMC provides users to gain much information from the larger data without disclosing the data. This project combines the(More)
Data streams refers to uninterrupted flow of long sequence of data, e.g. stock quotes, e-commerce data, system logs, sensor networks, network traffic management, etc. A wide range of query scenarios emerge naturally in these applications. Stream databases raise new challenges for query processing due to both the streaming nature of data which constantly(More)
The Modern era has highly dynamic, heterogeneous and massive data volumes, generated from sensor networks, social media and telecommunications, stock market analyses and the Internet, etc. makes constant query processing quite challenging in processing real-time data, which exist as streams and undergo dynamic changes. Large volumes of data can be(More)
Cloud guises an emerging technology to integrate real-time objects into cloud environment. Sensor cloud serves as a middleware for storing and computing sensed data into cloud to efficiently utilize real world data. Linking of sensors and social network services is possible to monitor and access real-time objects. Some of the recent researches, to integrate(More)
Feature set selection is the process of identifying a subset of features which produces the result same as the entire set. The feature set selection helps in clustering the datasets. In this paper, a Highly Correlated Feature set Selection (HCFS) algorithmis proposed for clustering the data. This algorithm helps in selecting features based on its relevancy(More)
In day to day life, everything has been digitized. Digitization is something greater than invention because digitization leads to change. In this, every hardware is connected to the network and our smart mobile phones act as the remote to control and monitor the devices. This can be achieved by digitizing and automating the home appliances. In real-time(More)
Recent many works have concentrated on dynamically turning on/off some base stations (BSs) in order to improve energy efficiency in radio access networks (RANs). In this survey, we broaden the research over BS switching operations, which should competition up with traffic load variations. The proposed method formulate the traffic variations as a Markov(More)
Mobile web search introduces new peculiarities that were not present in the traditional web search. Nowadays users always carry modern cell phones which allow them to be permanently online wherever they go, at any time. A typical mobile web search scenario consists of a user who has an information need and is probably outdoors, so he cannot access a desktop(More)
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